Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Acid To The Face’ From ‘Cube’ (1997)

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and watch the great escape artist Rennes, as he attempts to get out of the mysterious Cube!

Dammit.  Rennes didn’t escape much there.  He should probably work on his escaping skills, especially after giving such a hopeful speech to the crew before hopping into that section of the Cube that disintegrated his face.  Not very inspirational for the rest of the crew either I’d have to say, since Rennes was supposed to be one of the best.  And now his head looks like it was taken out by a melon baller.  Oh well.  To find out if the rest of the crew makes it, check out 1997’s Cube if you haven’t seen it already.  It’s a nice little indie horror/sci-fi flick that has a few surprises up it’s sleeve.