For Sale: Limited Edition ‘Day Of The Dead’ Poster!

I’ve been on a poster buying kick lately, mostly because of MondoTees.Com, so it was a nice surprise to see a limited edition Day Of The Dead (1985) print pop up online for sale!  Artist Matt Ryan Tobin is releasing 103 officially licensed 24X36 posters via Steel City Secret Cinema for the George Romero classic, Day Of The Dead (not that shitty 2008 “remake”).  The detail is pretty amazing and all of your favorite characters have made the cut.  Bub!  Rhodes! Rickles!  And that open faced drooling zombie from the beginning of the movie! You can pick up the limited poster HERE for only $50 (plus shipping) and all proceeds go to 2 local non-profit organizations.  Choke on that awesomeness!