Give Me The Creeps: Dreamscape (1984)

Damn, just realized I haven’t done a Give Me The Creeps post in a while. But anyway, now is the time where we dip into my mind and find out what really does or did give me the creeps from the world of horror cinema.  And thanks to my parents springing for cable TV in 1984, I was subjected willingly to watching a movie called Dreamscape which featured Dennis Quaid, Norm from Cheers, and Steven Spielberg’s wife.  Oh – and a guy that could turn himself into a snake in his dream world!  F*ck that guy by the way, because that’s one of the things that gave me the creeps from this movie.

*ssssstop ssssstaring at me*

Think of Dreamscape as the ugly stepchild of A Nightmare On Elm Street.  It involved psychics, dreams, presidential assassinations, and the fact that someone is killing people in those dreams, causing them to die in real life. This was on HBO a lot back then and because of that, I was basically traumatized by two parts from the movie.  For some reason though, I couldn’t stop watching it.  I think that reason was that I had a horror fetish at a very young age, but I digress.  So, David Patrick Kelly plays Tommy Ray Glatman, the ‘evil psychic’ who is knocking off people in Dreamland.  He turns super bad towards the end of the movie and proceeds to rip the heart out of a policeman on a dream train while in the middle of trying to assassinate the President with a bunch of nuclear attack victims.  God I loved the 80’s.

*I heart you*

Tommy Ray isn’t done though, and proceeds to turn into a giant walking snake, which surprisingly looks different each time it’s on-screen.  Claymation will do that to you.  But nonetheless, it scared the shit out of me when I was a kid and still gives me the creeps to this day.  Dreamscape is definitely one of those movies that isn’t necessarily classified as “horror”, but it most certainly has horror elements to it.  The poster and VHS cover always confused me though, because it looked like they were trying to sell this movie as an Indiana Jones type flick.  It isn’t, and Dreamscape will always be known for giving an 8-year-old boy the creeps back in 1984 and also a 36-year-old man today if the mood is right.  F*ck you Snake Man!

*….but you have a good personality*