Ebay Find Of The Week: Vintage Ben Cooper Halloween Costume

The greatest time of the year is only less than 2 months away!  Yes, that’s right – National Nut Day is coming up on October 22nd and I know we’re all preparing for it.  Oh, and Halloween is coming up too!  I started feeling a bit of nostalgia today and began reminiscing about my old school Halloween costumes that I wore as a kid.  You know the highly unsafe and flammable ones with the uncomfortable plastic masks?  That led me to snooping around Ebay for some of those and came across this guy:


First off all, in case you can’t tell – that’s supposed to be Herman Munster. Second of all, it’s creepy as fuck.  Ben Cooper was a big corporation between the 1930’s – 1980’s that manufactured Halloween costumes for kids to enjoy and be uncomfortable in.  And this Herman Munster version is very rare and up on Ebay HERE right now.  Yikes – a bit steep for $600, but it looks like you can make an offer as well.  I do think I’m going to be on a mission this year however to track down a more cost efficient one of these Ben Cooper beauties just to keep as a collectible.  Or maybe I’ll try to actually wear it, dust off my Halloween plastic pumpkin candy collector, and go around town and get some goodies while getting taunted in the process.