Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘The Decapitation Scene’ From ’30 Days Of Night’ (2007)

Time for another edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday, where I give you some classic death scenes from horror movies in picture form so you can salivate over them, or disregard them and just go watch the Youtube clip instead. Defeats the purpose of this ongoing feature though, so hopefully you choose the pictures!

The decapitation death scene is a classic in horror movies, but in most, it comes quick with just one swift swing of the axe or machete so the head’s rolling on the ground immediately.  Where’s the fun in that?  And it’s not an accurate depiction either if I must say.  Thanks to 2007’s vampire flick, 30 Days Of Night, we get that accurate decapitation scene we’re looking for, and in gruesome form!  I dug this movie, especially visually, and this scene is by far one of the most wince-inducing scenes ever as Eben (Josh Hartnett) puts poor Billy (Manu Bennett) out of his misery after his hand has been shredded, not too mention he’s turning into a vampire as well.  It’s the most realistic decapitation scene I’ve ever seen in a movie as Eden takes swing after swing at Billy’s head until it’s finally off.  Persistence is the lesson for the day here.

*I hope the Lakers beat the Supersonics today*


*why did Mama have to cook that breakfast with hog?!*


*looks like I won’t get that Fatburger at 2 in the mornin*