Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Jonah And His Severed Limbs’ From ‘The Green Inferno’ (2015)

Alright!  It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  And I’m sure what’s on your mind more than if Peyton Manning is going to defy ‘old man odds’ and win, is what you’re going to eat for the big game.  Nachos perhaps?  Maybe some delicious ribs?  Or if you’re involved in a cannibalistic tribe, maybe you’ll have more of a human arm and leg kind of craving?

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday, and this week I decided to give Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno a little more shine.  I was maybe a tad too harsh on it in my review last year, but one thing is for sure and that’s the fact that Jonah’s death scene is pure ridiculous gory goodness.  Am I a bit sick for laughing more at this though than being grossed out by it?  It’s over-the-top, especially if you don’t like seeing people’s tongues and eyeballs get cut out.  Make sure and watch the clip later after you’ve eaten and after the Panthers are celebrating their championship.  Yeah, that’s my bold prediction there.  **UPDATE: MY PREDICTION SUCKED**  Bon Appetit!

3 Upcoming Horror Movies To Get Excited For!

Can you feel that in the air?  It’s excitement!  And even though in the horror community we’ve had a couple movies to get our juices flowing this year (The Conjuring, The Evil Dead), it’s been pretty ho-hum in 2013 as far as horror goes.  But thanks to some buzz being generated from the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) we now have not one, not two, but THREE horror movies to get excited about!

1.  The Sacrament (Directed by Ti West)

No secret that I dig pretty much everything Ti West has done.  I even appreciated the way he took that arrow in the head in You’re Next (oops – spoiler alert).  And his new movie The Sacrament is already getting pretty positive reviews, so it seems I’m about to dig him even more.  The story is set up documentary-style where a couple of journalists document a man’s search for his missing daughter and it leads them to an isolated community.  Only problem is that it’s set up like a cult and as you can imagine, things get very “culty” and that’s bad news!  I’m kind of over the whole found footage look in movies, but I have faith (pun!) in Ti West and in The Sacrament.


2.  Horns (Directed by Alexandre Aja)

Another director that I feel is just hitting his stride is Alexandre Aja.  With Mirrors being the only real hiccup in his body of work so far, even that had enough visually to get a pass from me.  I loved High Tension (even with the ending).  I loved what he did with The Hills Have Eyes.  And I loved his throwback execution with Piranha.  Now we have Horns – a story about a young man (played by Daniel Radcliffe) who wakes up in the aftermath of his girlfriend’s death with horns growing out of his head.  It’s based on the book by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son), and yes I’ve read it.  I won’t spoil anything for you, but if Alexandre Aja does what I think he’s going to do for the big screen version (and early word is that he has), we’re in for on hell of a ride!


1.  The Green Inferno (Directed by Eli Roth)

Ah here we go!  Eli Roth’s return to directing.  And much like the above two directors, I pretty much have been down with everything that he’s been in the director’s chair for.  With Hostel: Part 2 being his last gig behind the camera, Eli is ready to take us into an Amazonian jungle full of Amazonian cannibals with The Green Inferno.  Obviously inspired by shock cinema like Cannibal Holocaust, the story revolves around a group of student activists who try to do the humanitarian thing by saving a dying tribe in the Amazon.  Except the cannibalistic townsfolk might have something to say about that.  Early reviews and buzz are VERY strong for The Green Inferno, and I for one couldn’t be more happy as a horror fan.  I’ve read the script and can tell you that Mr. Roth is going to top himself in the gore and shock department.  Cannibalism fans rejoice!

Anticipation Alert: We Are What We Are (2013)

What’s that you say?  You need more movies about cannibalism?  Ok!  Lucky day for all of those thinking just that because the upcoming flesh munching flick, We Are What We Are, is getting some BIG buzz and positive reviews from it’s screenings at recent film festivals.  I stumbled upon the poster thanks to DestroyTheBrain.Com, but other than that and clip here or there on Youtube, you won’t find much in the way publicity for this one yet.

It’s a loose remake of a 2010 Mexican cult film with the same title (only in Spanish of course), and the American version will apparently still have a cannibalistic family but a different premise and story all around.  Like I said earlier, reviews are very positive and it sounds like something a little different than the usual ghosts and paranormal entries we have clogging the horror world nowadays. Look for more news on a release date for We Are What We Are and hopefully a trailer in the near future too.  And don’t forget that we have Eli Roth’s ode to cannibalism coming soon as well in the form of The Green Inferno, so it’s going to be a great year for cannibal movie lovers!  Don’t be shy, you know who you are.

Thank God For Eli Roth’s Upcoming ‘The Green Inferno’

Let me get this off my chest real quick.  If I see one more trailer for a possession/exorcism movie, I’m literally going to rip the hair that I don’t have out of my head.  Oooh look – there’s one coming out (Dark Skies) starring that Felicity chick and maybe it involves some aliens this time?!  Ahhh – and look at that lovely piece of shit trailer for the Last Exorcism Part II (to be fair, I liked the first one).  The ironic mention of that particular upcoming sequel is that Eli Roth is a producer on it, and even though I have little to zero faith in that movie, I have much more invested in Roth’s directorial upcomer, The Green Inferno.  No possessed little girls.  No priests with shocking looks on their faces.  Just some straight up cannibalism.  Fuck yeah!

*don’t touch the hair!*

That pic up there is the first released pic from Eli Roth’s, The Green Inferno. The story centers around a group of student activists from New York who decide to travel to the remote jungles of Peru to stage a protest.  Only good things could come from that, right?  Well, they encounter a tribe of cannibals along the way (Debbie Downer sound effect).  Inspired from the sick, but entertaining 1980 splatter classic Cannibal Holocaust and the sequel which was actually known as The Green Inferno, I’m guessing we can expect a lot of eye-covering moments in this one and possibly some intentional or unintentional comedy as well.  I applaud Roth for diving into something different and getting away from the torture porn (even though I’m sure there will be mucho torture involved here).  Since we can’t get a decent revival of the slasher genre, I’ll take some old school cannibalism in it’s place for sure.  The Green Inferno is currently in the post-production stage, so stay tuned for more info on a trailer and release date!

*eye gouge champion of the world*