Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Acid Face Death’ From ‘The Fly 2’ (1989)

Next time you’re having a bad day because some jerk cuts you off in traffic, just remember that you could have had acid sprayed in your face by a giant mutated fly and things would have been much worse.  I know what you’re saying – every mutated fly that I’ve ever met has never sprayed acid into my face.  Just wait though….because it’s those kind of surprises that can ruin a good day.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday, where I’m shining some light this week on a pretty sweet death scene from the underrated sequel to 1986’s, The Fly.  Yes, I’m talking about The Fly 2 and more specifically I’m talking about the scene where a poor bastard with a walkie talkie takes a big shot of acid fly spit to the noggin.  Enjoy the clip and while watching, discuss amongst yourselves on whether Eric Stoltz looked worse as a giant mutated fly or Rocky Dennis from 1985’s, Mask.