I Am Prepared To Give ‘The Black Phone’ A Big RINGING Endorsement!

Eh, you know when I put a pun in the post’s title that it’s pretty much all downhill from there. But let’s try and get this back on track and talk about my unbridled enthusiasm for the upcoming horror film The Black Phone. You may recognize that title as a short story in Joe Hill’s 2004 book 20th Century Ghosts, or maybe you yourself have an actual black phone and that’s why the title interests you. Whatever the case, writer/director Scott Derrickson has supersized that short story for the big screen, and even teamed back up with his Sinister chum Ethan Hawke for it!

Hawke plays a serial killer in the movie (donning that creepy mask in the pic up there) who kidnaps a child that he locks in a soundproof basement. The only chance the child has to escape, is by communicating with the killer’s past victims via a…….you guessed it – black phone! Let’s take one more opportunity to admire the killer’s mask again, as it was created by none other than the great Tom Savini. Besides the mask, the other reason I’m writing this post is that The Black Phone was screened recently at Fantastic Fest and the hype is real. Meaning that the reviews have been good. So naturally because of that, my personal hype meter has risen.

The Black Phone won’t unfortunately hit theaters until January 28th, 2022…..but I bet a trailer is right around the corner. Stay tuned for more info on that and the release date, and don’t worry – you can still be excited for the movie even if you don’t have a black phone.

Review: Sinister (2012)

It really takes a lot to make me want to go home after seeing a horror movie and check to make sure that no one’s in the house and maybe even sleep with an extra light on. When the trailers for the new creepy flick Sinister came out, I was prepared for it to be that movie.  So the question is – did I sleep tight last night, or did I have the covers pulled high up with my eyes darting back and forth at every little noise or movement in the house?

Well – yes and no would be the generic answer to that question.  Sinister was hitting on all cylinders with it’s creepy atmosphere and effective sound design, but something was missing from making it that “must see” horror film that I was hoping it to be.    Continue reading

Creeeepy New Red Band ‘Sinister’ Trailer

Now the new upcoming horror flick Sinister already had me giddy in anticipation from the first trailer and the positive reviews that were popping up online.  But now comes the new red band trailer and I’m seriously considering running down to the local theatre and camping out in line before the October 12th release date like a Twihard fan.  Don’t believe me?  Judge for yourself and watch how a horror movie trailer should be put together:

The ominous music.  The effectiveness of not using any vocals (except for the screaming kid in the box).  And the shot of the family being hung on the tree at the end might be one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a while.  My only knock is that it’s a red band trailer and only because Eric Walkuski from JoBlo.Com dropped the F bomb in a quote from his review of the movie.  Well here at DirtyHorror.Com, we encourage everyone to drop an F bomb, even though we’re not a red band site and there are no age restrictions because we’re all big boys (and girls) here.  FUCK.  See?  Anyway, go support Sinister and the horror genre on October 12th!

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