Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Pencil In The Ankle’ From ‘The Evil Dead’ (1981)

Nothing wrong with taking it back to the classics, so this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m taking it back to 1981 with The Evil Dead.  Having just watched the remake again last weekend, the Deadites are fresh in my mind, and one of my favs was Cheryl from the original.  So let’s talk about the infamous pencil scene!

After being raped by some trees, Cheryl understandably ain’t right.  While playing a fun card guessing game with the other girls, her eyes turn white and her complexion begins to have some serious issues.  On top of that, she hates Linda’s ankle and decides to shove a pencil into it.  Ouch!  Easily one of the first horror scenes that I can remember that made me cringe, as Cheryl keeps digging around in there with the lead tip.  That pissed me off because it turned Linda into an annoying constant laughing demon for the rest of the movie. Thanks a lot Cheryl.  You’re uninvited to the next potluck dinner.


*start at the eraser, then work your way down*


*I’m not wearing deodorant!*