Can We Talk About The Nurse Scene From ‘The Exorcist III’?

Diapers.  You might need one after you watch this clip below.  You know those goofy internet videos that your friends try to get you to watch where everything is calm and then some spooky loud noise and image scares the shit out of you?  The nursing station scene from 1990’s The Exorcist III is the originator of that.  No matter how many times I watch it.  No matter how many times I know what’s coming.  I still jump.  It’s seriously one of the best orchestrated horror jump scares of all time.  Ok, I’ve yammered on long enough – roll it!

Whew.  I actually get a little hot and bothered in a horror kind of way when I watch that.  But enough about my personal issues, the bottom line is that The Exorcist III is a decent sequel, but the nurse scene is on a whole other level. They should have just looped that scene over and over for an hour and a half and intercut a clip or two of George C. Scott for good measure because he’s so awesome.

*Best cleaning lady ever!  Even the ceilings get done!*