SyFy’s ‘Face Off’ May Have Given Birth To A New Horror Villain The Other Night…..

If you’re a horror fan and haven’t been watching the SyFy Channel make-up effects show Face Off for the last 8 seasons, then you’ve been missing out. That statement didn’t ring more true than it did the other night when the contestants had to create a horror character based off a doll of their choosing. We had a rag doll, voodoo doll, and even a ventriloquist doll.  But nothing was more terrifying and impressive than the porcelain doll……


I can feel the evil piercing into the soul of my eyes when I look at that.  Kudos to a contestant named Darla for creating what I think is my favorite make-up EVER on this show.  The pic doesn’t even do it justice by the way, because this creepy fucking thing would look into a handheld mirror onstage and then mock ‘smash’ it into her head.  Thus, giving the cracking effect even more of an effect.  If there ever was a make-up from Face Off that was camera ready, it’s this one. Put her in a horror movie ASAP!