Anticipation Alert: The Nightmare On Elm Street Toaster

I know what you’re thinking.  Why can’t I ever have a decent piece of toast in the morning with an outline or Freddy Krueger’s face and famous razor-knived glove on it?  Well, pick that sad face up off the ground, because in about a month or so, you can!  Yes, the product that didn’t need to get made, but A Nightmare On Elm Street fans are happy it did, is becoming a reality. Ladies and gentlemen:  the Nightmare On Elm Street novelty toaster!

It’s the product that every horror household needs, so pre-order it HERE and look for it’s expected arrival sometime in August.  Plenty of time for you to stock up on a lot of butter and your favorite jelly, so you can slather it all over Freddy’s face.  Mmmmm mmmm!  We can only hope that the imprint that’s shown in the above picture is true to form, unlike that Jesus bread thing I bought a few years ago.  And since Halloween is coming up, I have good news just in case you go overboard with this toaster and eat too much toast and get fat.  There’s a Freddy Krueger Halloween costume based off of the awful 2010 remake for the heftier folk.  Eat up!