Anticipation Alert: Raw (2017)

How often do you hear news or see a headline that someone passes out in a movie theater because something onscreen was so intense….so horrifying….so disgusting that they just couldn’t stand it and had to drop to the floor or vomit.  I think the last time I can recall something like this happening was during a screening of the movie Bite.  And if you go back and read my review for Bite, then you’ll realize that the hype surrounding that was all a pile of bullshit.  But yes, hype is hype – and whether you want to believe the hype or not (Chuck D would advise you not to), it can be effective and help a movie strive.

The latest movie to jump onboard the ‘someone passed out in the theater’ train is Raw. It’s a delightful tale about a vegetarian who attends a veterinarian school and is forced into a hazing ritual which puts her onto the road of eating meat.  Let’s check out the Red Band trailer below and discuss:

I can tell you something before we go any further, and that’s that the French have a way of making some truly fucked up horror movies (Inside, High Tension, Martyrs).  So based off of that alone, I’m ready for Raw.  Add to that the fact that director Julia Ducournau seems to have skills behind the camera because the trailer if visually stunning.  Fucked up, but visually stunning.  And also probably one of the most effective trailers I’ve seen in a long time.  This is on the top of my list for 2017 and will be out in the US on March 10th.  I do have a feeling that Raw is going to be an acquired taste though.  That bad cannibal joke is free of charge.

Trailer Alert: Under The Bed (2013)

It’s become obvious to me over the last few years, that the French can do more than just make good crepes and be snobby towards Americans.  They can pull of a solid horror movie too, as indicated by films like Inside, Martyrs, and Frontier(s).  Now comes their attempt at the classic children’s “there’s something hiding under my bed” tale, with the appropriately titled, Under The Bed.  Now, that will be the title of the American release.  The French are releasing the movie as Scary.  Well, it’s simple, but I guess it gets to the point. On second thought, it’s a pretty stupid title, but whatever the case – the trailer has popped up and it doesn’t look half bad.  There’s spooky fog, a monster, and more!  Check it out below:

Directed by Steven C. Miller, who gave us this past year’s Xmas horror offering, Silent Night, Under The Bed aka Scary tells the story of a family trying to bond together to fight the monster that has been terrorizing them for years.  Not quite sure how family friendly the movie will end up being, because the trailer is pretty intense.  But we can only hope that when it’s released here in the US this summer, it can measure up to Troma’s 1986 film, Monster In the Closet.  Remember that one?  Sure you do…..

*shut your pie hole*

Review: Livid (2011)

It’s no secret if you really know me or have been stalking me, that the 2007 French horror movie Inside will forever remain on my list of movies that I would recommend to anyone with a cinematic pulse.  The brutality, but equal beautifulness of it all will definitely be embedded in your head after one viewing (although you may not be able to watch it again after that).  So it came with much joy and happy dancing when I heard that the directors of Inside, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, were back behind the camera with their new movie Livid (or Livide in French).  It was pretty much a given that the imagery would be there, but would the story grab a hold of me like their previous effort?  Step inside and find out…..   Continue reading

Holy Sh*t Horror: Martyrs (2008)

Every horror fan has a a few scenes that they’ve taken away from the genre where upon first viewing, have yelled out “Holy Sh*t!” or “Oh Sh*t!” or “God Damn Motherf*cker!” and well, you get the point.  And no, I’m not talking about the part in Nightmare On Elm Street Part 4 where the dog pisses fire and resurrects Freddy Krueger.  I’m talking about genuine shock moments or something so sick that you had to turn your head away from the TV and focus on something feminine.  So here’s a new feature where I’ll spotlight those scenes that have affected me throughout my horror filled life and made me yell out “Holy Sh*t!”.

First up – easily one of my favorite horror films in the last 10 years.  Pascal Laugier’s, Martyrs.  Yes, this French flick had more than enough shocking moments in it, but the one that really made me sit up on the couch and take notice happened just a few minutes in when Anna (Morjana Alaoui) pays a little visit to her tormentors.  Watch the clip below and wait for the first shotgun blast (sorry for the advertisement beforehand):

The whole scene is pretty disturbing, but in a beautiful way (gotta love that visual of the feathers falling in the air in the bedroom after more gunfire).  But that first shotgun blast to the Dad lets you know that this movie isn’t playing around and as it progresses, you’ll understand why the French owned international horror around that time (see Inside and Frontiers as well). Martyrs doesn’t stick to the rules – and that’s what makes it so great. Definitely not an easy film to sit through, but if you’re a true horror fan, it’s worth it in the end.  Just don’t expect a dog to start pissing fire and bringing a horror icon back to life.  Seriously – that really happened folks.

*worst tanning bed ever*