Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Death By Party Favor’ From ‘Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood’ (1988)

Here’s one for the books.  A chick gets her comeuppance by way of a novelty party favor, complete with a honk sounds and all!  If you weren’t smart enough to read my headline to the post, then if you’re a true horror fan, you still know that I’m talking about the classic party favor kill of Kate in the entertaining, if not ridiculous, Friday The 13th Part 7:  The New Blood.  And I’m spotlighting that kill this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday because in a movie where the death scenes are aplenty (sleeping bag, head crushing, etc, etc, etc….), this one got a big chuckle out of me and still does to this day.  No real fanfare to set it up (although there feels like there should be since it involves a party favor and all), so let’s take a peek at the aftermath of Kate’s run-in with Jason!

*is there supposed to be this much uncomfortableness when you dilate my pupils?*


*I told you that I hate surprise parties!*