Horror Hijinx: The Best Sleeping Bag Death Scene Ever?

If you read the title of the post, I already know that a lot of you are thinking that I’m about to show you the sleeping bag death scene from Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood.  Yes it’s pretty iconic, but I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT the best sleeping bag death scene ever.  I’ll prepare myself now to duck at whatever you’re going to throw at me.

Ok, now that you’re done hurling insults and objects at me – let’s get on with it and see if I can back up my statement.  In 1979, a somewhat little known creature feature called Prophecy was released.  Directed by John Frankenheimer and starring Talia Shire (Rocky), this movie is about a giant mutated bear-type thing that kills people in the forest.  And boy oh boy….it doesn’t discriminate!  Watch what the mutated killing machine does to this poor kid trying to hop away in his zipped up sleeping bag.  Apparently the sleeping bag isn’t the only thing made of feathers.

Told you!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Death By Party Favor’ From ‘Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood’ (1988)

Here’s one for the books.  A chick gets her comeuppance by way of a novelty party favor, complete with a honk sounds and all!  If you weren’t smart enough to read my headline to the post, then if you’re a true horror fan, you still know that I’m talking about the classic party favor kill of Kate in the entertaining, if not ridiculous, Friday The 13th Part 7:  The New Blood.  And I’m spotlighting that kill this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday because in a movie where the death scenes are aplenty (sleeping bag, head crushing, etc, etc, etc….), this one got a big chuckle out of me and still does to this day.  No real fanfare to set it up (although there feels like there should be since it involves a party favor and all), so let’s take a peek at the aftermath of Kate’s run-in with Jason!

*is there supposed to be this much uncomfortableness when you dilate my pupils?*


*I told you that I hate surprise parties!*