Ladies And Gentlemen……The Great Leap Of Jason Voorhees In ‘Friday The 13th Part III’!

With the Summer Olympics on the horizon, I figured I would showcase someone who had so much raw potential and skill in the 80’s, that he could have easily been a champion participant.  I’m talking about none other than Jason Voorhees!  Oh go ahead and laugh and throw things at the computer screen.  Apparently you haven’t seen a little movie called Friday The 13th Part III???  Behold the majestic wonder of Jason’s nimble legs, as he uses them to jump out of the way of a speeding van:

Wow!  Have you ever seen such elegance and grace?  It’s like he could have leapt off of the screen if he wanted to, which would have been appropriate considering the film was in 3D.  If only Jason had realized his full Olympic potential, he could have been competing for the gold in the high jump or hurdles.  Instead, he would just go on to make more Friday The 13th sequels and then appear in a lackluster reboot in 2009.  Oh wait – how could I forget about the judges?  Judges, let’s see your scores for that incredible ‘dodging the van’ leap from Mr. Voorhees……


Well, I have no idea why the Looney Tunes characters have showed up in this post as judges, but they’re here so let’s just roll with it.  And looking at those scores, I think we can only come up with one conclusion:  Porky The Pig and Pepe Le Pew really like Jason and would like to have a threesome with him.  Ok, maybe not – but what is clear is that Jason Voorhees missed his calling as a future Olympian, and the world lost out on something truly special and glorious.  Just another sad case of wasted talent.  Btw – yes, I was high when I wrote this post.  USA!  USA!  USA!

Happy Friday The 13th!!!

Are we really having two Friday The 13th’s in two straight months?  Yes, it’s true and it’s a glorious time for all of my diehard Friday The 13th movie fans out there.  One of my fondest memories of watching this franchise was staying up on a Saturday night and watching the marathon that used to take place on the USA Network on cable.  When I wasn’t staring at USA Up All Night host Rhonda Shear’s breasts (folks who watched know what I’m talking about), I was anticipating some hacking and slashing from the one and only Mr. Voorhees.  So my nostalgia meter definitely went off the charts this morning when I found this old promo on Youtube from one of those marathons.  Check it out below and enjoy!