Best ‘Martyrs’ Poster Ever?

Easily one of my favorite and most impactful movies in recent memory is Pascal Laugier’s masterpiece (yes, I said the “M” word), Martyrs.  I can never say too many good things about this French flick and I’m about to say some more thanks to this limited edition poster courtesy of the UK FrightFest film festival.

Artist Gary Pullin has created this pretty awesome piece for the festival and the good news is that there is a limited number of 75 prints available for sale!  Bad news is that it’ll set you back about $80 American dollars in the end.  But how can you put a price on a skinned alive Anna hanging up on a cross with Lucie’s creature lurking in the background?  You can go HERE if you’ve got the $80 to throw down on this one of a kind poster.  If not, then just marvel at the sick beauty of it and go pop in Martyrs and marvel at some more sick beauty while you’re at it.

*worst glasses ever*