Delicious But Demented Gingerbread Cookies For The Holidays!

Now when the average horror fan thinks of demented gingerbread cookies, their mind probably veers towards the equally demented Gary Busey from Charles Band’s 2005 holiday “classic”, The Gingerdead Man.  Yes, the movie that gave us a killer gingerbread man voiced by a man who was born to play the role, isn’t the only gingerbread game in town.  If you’re going to be strapping on the apron this holiday season, then why not give your favorite sweet tooth horror junkie something delicious he can really take a bite out of, or at least something that looks like it’s already been bitten.  These ABC (already been chewed) cookie cutters from Fred will allow you to get your creepy and creative juices flowing just in time for Santa’s big day!

You can grab these bloody bakery goods right HERE for a great price!  And if you feel inclined and aren’t afraid of gingerbread overkill, then get this stocking stuffer ready Gingerdead Man trilogy on DVD (yes, there were three made) over HERE.  But hurry, looks like there are only 15 left.

*sure is hot inside this pink box*