Horror Movie Posters I Love: Blood Beach (1980)

I’ve always been a bit scared of going into the ocean and I guess I have Jaws to thank for most of that fear.  Truth be told though, I think I’m more scared of jellyfish.  But what about the sand????  What if something besides crabs lurked in the sand????  Newsflash in case you didn’t know, but in 1980 there was a movie called Blood Beach that explored that very thought.  It’s a ‘so crappy, so good’ type of movie, but boy oh boy – what a poster it had!


She’s really selling that ‘Oh my god I’m being swallowed into the sand!‘ expression, isn’t she?  Kudos on the Jaws-biting tagline btw.  This was at the beginning of the booming 80’s horror craze where basically anything went. Including killer sand apparently.  Gotta love it though, and I absolutely LOVE this poster!  It embodies everything that was great about 80’s horror movies and it definitely catches your eye for more than one reason.  That’s a pretty snazzy purple leopard-print bikini by the way.  Go seek out Blood Beach if you haven’t seen it (screen vets John Saxon and Burt Young are involved), and I apologize if I’ve given you Eremikophobia.  That’s the fear of sand – see, you learned something from this post.

Would You Rather…..Look At This Poster OR Watch The Movie?

As I’ve said before, a poster can be positive foreshadowing for a movie or it can end up being the best thing about the movie.  For reference, look up the Ghoulies poster.  So when the poster for a new flick called Would You Rather caught my eye (obvious pun intended), it definitely made me wonder if the actual product would live up to the awesomeness of the razor blade prominent advertisement.  I won’t tease you too long about whether it does, because I haven’t seen the movie. But it’s on my list, so stay tuned on that. But what I can do for you is give you a peek at the poster, so feast your eyes below:

Bonus points that Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) is in it, but we might lose some of those points because Brittany Snow (Prom Night remake) is in it too. Maybe she’ll knock our socks off though.  Speaking of sticking things up your ass (just go with it), legendary porn star and one time Entourage actress, Sasha Grey, is in this and one could only imagine what two things she’ll be given a choice to do when it comes to her turn in the Would You Rather game. Fun times are sure to be had by all, so keep an eye out (last eye pun, promise) for my review of Would You Rather and please enjoy this parting gift picture below.

*would you rather:  watch Britney Snow eat spaghetti or have a hair fight with guy from My Name Is Earl?*