Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Exploding Head’ From ‘Halloween – The Curse Of Michael Myers’ (1995)

An exploding head can always save a shitty horror movie.  Just ask Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers about that.  That’s right, the infamous 6th installment to the Halloween franchise is renowned for numerous on-set issues and unwanted studio involvement.  Luckily no one interfered with the exploding head scene though.

So on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m honoring the cranium collapse of John Strode (Bradford English) courtesy of Michael Myers and some electricity.  Michael was definitely pissed off in this movie, and an excessive exploding head is clearly evidence of that.  I actually just sat down and watched the infamous Producer’s Cut of this sequel that was restored to amazing quality in the new Halloween Complete Collection box set.  Color me impressed, because it actually kind of made the whole ridiculous underground cult storyline a little more acceptable.  But enough about that – let’s get on with the exploding head!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Nurse Death’ From ‘Rob Zombie’s Halloween II’ (2009)

What’s that old saying?  If you can’t say something nice about somebody or something, then don’t say anything at all.  I’ll admit, when I saw Rob Zombie’s Halloween II back in 2009 – I didn’t have a lot of nice things to say about it.  But, the one scene that I absolutely LOVED was the opening hospital scene.  This is where Rob Zombie fucked up in my opinion.  Obviously an homage if anything to the original 1981 sequel, which largely took place in a hospital, this setting seems to always work in a horror movie.  And when Nurse Daniels meets her demise by way of Michael Myers’ gigantic butcher knife, my hopes were high.

So on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, we’ll take a look at Nurse Daniels’ brutal death scene and then reminisce about what could have been with this movie.  From the moment that she stumbles towards Scott Taylor-Compton and lets out that horrible scream, we know it’s not going to end well.  And of course it doesn’t, because she ends up a butcher knife in her head while Michael grunts a lot.  What great acting though, because Octavia Spencer really sells that terror and even won an Oscar!  For another movie called The Help.  Bonus points for the gouged-out-eye guy in the stairwell at the end of the clip too.