Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘The Broken Leg’ From ‘The Descent’ (2005)

Luckily in my life, the only thing I’ve ever broken was my pinky toe on my right foot.  Painful?  Yes.  But I obviously didn’t need a cast and didn’t need any bones set back into place.  I did scream like a maniac though to get a little sympathy, so I’m guilty there.  I’ve seen clips of basketball players fall and have their bone come shooting out of their leg and that makes me squeamish – but surprisingly, Holly’s protruding leg bone in the 2005 movie The Descent made me even more squeamish, and that was fake!  At least I hope it was.  I should listen to the commentary track to make sure.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday, and as I stated right up there in that paragraph – this week we’re talking about one of my favorite horror movies in the last 20 years called The Descent, written and directed by Neil Marshall.  More specifically, about the scene where our saucy spelunker Holly falls down a hole in the cave and breaks her leg.  Oh it’s a nasty one.  And the only way to get Holly mobile is to set the bone back in place into the leg.  Get ready to squirm in your seat if you haven’t seen this – and if you have seen it, I’m guessing you’ll be doing some squirming too.

Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Rosie Pukes Up Intestines’ From ‘City Of The Living Dead’ (1980)

So I’m sitting here eating my delicious breakfast and my mind wanders to an intestinal puking scene from an Italian horror film.  A bit fucked up?  Yeah, probably.  But it’s always a good time for an intestinal puking scene!

Welcome to Monday Bloody Monday and if you yourself are eating breakfast, you may want to stop before you watch the clip.  Lucio Fulci’s City Of The Living Dead (aka The Gates Of Hell) has a pretty great soundtrack and more than enough WTF moments in the actual movie as well.  Solid viewing for me all around and when the infamous ‘intestine scene’ happens, it’s even more remarkable knowing that Fulci actually had actress Daniela Doria swallow and then vomit up actual sheep entrails in the scene.  Watch carefully below, and don’t stare into the priest’s eyes too long or you may have your very own intestinal accident.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Carmen’s Transformation’ From ‘Demons’ (1985)

If there was a Hall Of Fame for demon transformations, then Carmen from 1985’s Italian gore-galore classic Demons would have been inducted a looooong time ago.

So, on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday it’s a must that I pay homage to Carmen’s transformation and I’m even going to throw in a spiffy throat ripping at the end as a bonus!   When it comes to my love for Demons, there are many highlights (samurai sword demon killing on a motorcycle, anybody?) but I have to tip my cap to the glorious practical effects on display in this particular scene courtesy of the great Sergio Stivaletti.  Watch and learn youngsters, and please enjoy that lovely demon tongue of Carmen’s as well……..

Holy Shit Horror: Natalie Cuts Off Her Arm (Evil Dead – 2013)

Thanksgiving is only three months away!  So it’s time to get your electric turkey carver ready to slice through that delicious succulent bird.  But wait – maybe you should practice first just to make sure your skills are up to par so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your family when you start cutting.  And what better way to practice than on a demonically possessed arm?  Right, Natalie from the 2013 Evil Dead remake?

Yeeesh.  That was realistically gruesome.  There were a lot of moments in the Evil Dead remake that made me say “Holy Shit!“, and this was definitely one of them.  Natalie was pretty defiant of cellar dwelling possessed Mia and just kept cutting and cutting that arm until it eventually fell off.  Mission accomplished, Natalie!  Except it really wasn’t, and you still turned into a demon and died a horrible death.  Gotta love her gusto though and she gets kudos for giving it the old college try!

Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Olivia’s Transformation’ From ‘Evil Dead’ (2013)

What better way to kick the week off then with some self-mutilation, a needle in the eye, and a good head bashing?  Oh sure – a delicious bowl of Fruity Pebbles would be just as satisfying, but watching the transformation of Olivia in Evil Dead from 2013 is even more satisfying.

Kudos to the sound design department on this movie for the sound effects of Olivia (Jessica Lucas) sawing away at her face with a piece of glass.  Not exactly the sexiest thing in the world, but it almost beats the fact that she peed her pants earlier in the scene.  Leave it up to a horror movie to make a sexy girl unsexy in a matter of seconds.  But anyway, this scene was definitely the tipping point for me as far as appreciating and applauding this remake of the original The Evil Dead from 1981, which in itself was a big feat considering my love for that original.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Chainsaw In The Mouth’ From ‘Evil Dead’ (2013)

Here’s a little nugget of knowledge that will help you along as you go through the journey of life:  Don’t ever talk shit to someone that’s holding a chainsaw.  Especially when you’re already missing appendages and can barely walk.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday where I’m going full on gore this week with the gnarly ‘chainsaw through the mouth’ killing at the end of 2013’s, Evil Dead.  I dug this remake/reboot and the ending definitely got points for letting the red stuff fly!  I wouldn’t advise eating your breakfast while you watch this, but click the button below to watch our heroine Mia shut up that demonic abomination for good……

Holy Sh*t Horror: The Opening Scene From ‘The Descent’ (2005)

In 2005, director Neil Marshall blew my mind with his jump-scare heavy creature feature, The Descent.  And he didn’t waste any time getting us hooked because in the scene I’m highlighting for this edition of Holy Sh*t Horror, the opening credits haven’t even ended yet before the insanity begins and you’re left with your mouth open.  Don’t drool though, because that’s gross.

Now, if this clip below isn’t a PSA to make sure you keep your eyes on the road while you’re driving, I don’t what is.  It’s also a PSA about what can happen to you if karma catches you cheating on your wife.

Holy shit!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Nasty Scalping’ From ‘Maniac’ (2012)

Do you have problems with your scalp itching?  I know that the easy solution if you do would be to go to the store and grab a bottle of Head & Shoulders.  But why do that, when you can just call on serial killer Frank Zito to get rid of your scalp ENTIRELY!

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday and if you’ve recently eaten, I have to warn you that the clip below is pretty gruesome and may cause nausea.  If you didn’t see the 2012 Maniac remake, then you missed out on little Elijah Wood stepping into the role of a scalp-happy killer who has some Mommy issues to boot.  Quite a few cringe-worthy violent scenes in this one, but for me the scene below takes the cake.  Watch with caution, as Frodo does some nasty damage to one of his unlucky victims.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Intestinal Puking’ From ‘City Of The Living Dead’ (1980)

I’m sure a handful of you out there are dealing with a nasty hangover and are a little sick from a wild weekend of booze-filled partying.  But hopefully, none of you are vomiting up your intestines after being possessed by a creepy priest who likes to play a wicked version of a staring contest.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday and if you’ve haven’t guessed yet, I’m spotlighting the infamous ‘intestinal puking’ scene from Italian horror legend Lucio Fulci’s 1980 gorefest, City Of The Living Dead.  If you’ve seen the movie, then you know what you’re in for.  If you haven’t seen it and have just finished eating, I’d advise you to wait about 45 minutes – kind of like if you were about to go swimming.  Fun fact before and after you watch the clip:  Actress Daniela Doria, who plays Rosie Kelvin, actually vomited sheep entrails during the filming of this scene.  Enjoy!

Give Me The Creeps: The Ruins (2008)

Oh sure – a movie about killer plants and vines sure might sound stupid and ridiculous, and that’s because it is.  But in 2008, a film about murderous botanical greenery actually made me squirm and wiggle in my seat and made me think twice about cursing out any plants in the near future.  Don’t ask why I feel the need to curse out plants by the way.  Based on the book by Scott Smith, The Ruins is an effective little flick that had more than enough creepy moments to earn it’s keep on this edition of Give Me The Creeps.

The Ruins is your basic ‘a group or friends go away on a Mexican vacation only to have something really terrible happen to them‘ type of story.  And when things go terrible, boy do they go terrible!  Amputations occur, self-mutilations happen, and probably the most cringe-worthy scene is when the gang tries to rid Amy (Jena Malone) of the vines that have inhabited her body.  So grab some breakfast and click below to see all of the fun:

I guess breakfast probably wasn’t the best thing to enjoy while watching that clip.  If you didn’t squirm at all while watching that, then you’re a bigger man or woman than me by the way.  Sure, the story for The Ruins is preposterous. And sure the only killer plant you might be interested in seeing is Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors.  But you can’t deny the overall nastiness of that clip or of the other nastiness that goes down throughout the movie.  To prove my point, I’ll leave you with a parting gift of self-mutilation and an accidental murder.  Enjoy!