Mondo Releasing The FULL ‘Halloween’ Soundtrack On Vinyl!

Damn you, Mondo!  Looks like you’re going to get more of my greenbacks next week.  If you’re not familiar with Mondo, let me school you real quick. They are a site that puts limited edition merchandise (posters, vinyl, t-shirts) on sale at a random time on a set day.  Once they’re gone, your only hope is to grab it on Ebay for double the cost.  And next Thursday on Halloween, they will be releasing a limited edition vinyl pressing of the full soundtrack for the first time from John Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece, Halloween.

That’s right – at a random time on October 31st, you’ll have your chance to snag this great vinyl release and you may even snag one with randomly inserted orange vinyl as well!  No word on how many of these have been pressed, but it will be limited.  So stay tuned to Mondo’s Twitter page HERE on Halloween and wait for the announcement when it goes on sale.  Good luck!