Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Jacuzzi Death’ From ‘Halloween II’ (1981)

Oooooh yeah.  Michael Myers is turning up the heat.  He likes it hot.  He likes it steamy.  Ok, I’m abandoning the sexy angle here.  Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday and more importantly, the month of October where I’ll be bringing you my favorite death scenes from the Halloween franchise.

Up first, the literally “hot” scene that involves the breasts of a sexy nurse played by Pamela Susan Shoop.  Oh and some guy that she’s boning and Michael Myers are there too.  Be warned though before you watch the clip. You will see man ass.  Just didn’t want to startle you:

Yeah – gotta love how Michael just keeps dunking her head in the scalding hot water, then pulls her up occasionally to admire her melty face so he can check his progress.  He’s a perfectionist.  Reminds me of a cruel version of bobbing for apples.  I really love Halloween II and always dug the hospital setting, even though it seemed odd that it was so abandoned once nighttime hit.  Shrug.

*Sigh.  I wore the same trench coat again.*