Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Thumb To The Forehead’ From ‘Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers’ (1988)

Who needs a machete when you have a big thumb?  Yeah – I’m looking at you Jason Voorhees.  Put the machete down and try using your thumbs like a real man.  Michael Myers is a real man, and has crazy thumb skills to further prove that realness.

Due to a long weekend, welcome to Monday Bloody Monday instead of Sunday Bloody Sunday!  And since Halloween is only a few weeks away, it seems right to spotlight something from the Halloween franchise.  Being that I have thumbs on my mind for some reason, it’s only natural to witness Michael Myers give new definition to the term ‘hands-on’ at the beginning of Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers.  Try thinking about what it would feel like to literally have that big thumb pushing into your forehead when you watch the clip.  And then go get some Advil afterwards.