When Old Ladies And Beetles Attack: Prince Of Darkness (1987)

I just had the pleasure of seeing John Carpenter perform his music live last night (on Halloween nonetheless) for the second time in 2 years.  And just like the first time, when I walked away from the concert I thought about one of his movies.  And thinking about that movie made me think about an old lady with scissors in her hand.  And it also made me think about a bunch of black beetles, but my thoughts had nothing to do with a mannequin challenge.  What the hell am I babbling about?  Well, this clip from Prince Of Darkness of course!

Prince Of Darkness is probably my favorite ‘least favorite’ John Carpenter movie.  The plot and pacing is all over the place.  But it has Alice Cooper in it.  And it also has the clip above and many more like it that honestly rank up there with Carpenter’s creepiest throughout his career.  This clip with the old lady attacking that poor bastard with the scissors definitely has an Argento vibe to me (the close up on the scissors before they strike down), even though I feel there should have been more blood on the scissors – but I digress. Nitpicking is an art.

The point is, that I think every time I do watch Prince Of Darkness – I like it more.  It’s a grower, and not an immediate shower for me.  Oh – and go check out Mr. Carpenter on his current tour supporting is new Anthology album.  Where else are you going to hear the theme from Vampires live, after all?

Mondo Releasing The FULL ‘Halloween’ Soundtrack On Vinyl!

Damn you, Mondo!  Looks like you’re going to get more of my greenbacks next week.  If you’re not familiar with Mondo, let me school you real quick. They are a site that puts limited edition merchandise (posters, vinyl, t-shirts) on sale at a random time on a set day.  Once they’re gone, your only hope is to grab it on Ebay for double the cost.  And next Thursday on Halloween, they will be releasing a limited edition vinyl pressing of the full soundtrack for the first time from John Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece, Halloween.

That’s right – at a random time on October 31st, you’ll have your chance to snag this great vinyl release and you may even snag one with randomly inserted orange vinyl as well!  No word on how many of these have been pressed, but it will be limited.  So stay tuned to Mondo’s Twitter page HERE on Halloween and wait for the announcement when it goes on sale.  Good luck!

Horror Hijinks: PJ Soles Calls A Cigarette A Beer! (Halloween – 1978)

It’s no secret that John Carpenter’s 1978 groundbreaking horror masterpiece Halloween is in my top 10, if not at the top, for my favorite horror movie of all time.  I had to change my pants on a few occasions as a child after getting a glimpse of Michael Myers in that William Shatner mask, and to this day it still freaks me out (not the ones that were in the many sequels to follow though….so terrible).  Now in addition to the unsettling atmosphere and soundtrack, there were some unintentional or maybe intentional comic relief moments to ease a little of that terror filled tension.

*can I borrow a pair of slacks? mine are a little dirty*

Whether it was Annie smacking her lips and chewing on the phone with Laurie, annoying Tommy falling and smashing his pumpkin, the masculine voice that came out of Annie’s mouth when she’s in the garage and says “Owww!”, or the fact that little Lindsey grew up to be a Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills – there were more than enough zingers that came out of this horror classic.    Continue reading