Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Shish Kabob Death’ From ‘Happy Birthday To Me’ (1981)

If you like Scooby Doo endings, then I’m sure you loved 1981’s underrated slasher flick, Happy Birthday To Me.  And if you have a fondness for shish kabobs, then I’m sure you thought twice about letting your significant other feed you one after seeing that movie.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday where this week, you guessed it – we’re talking shish kabobs!  Delicious, mouth-watering, murderous shish kabobs.  I personally think that Ginny overreacted just a tad after Steve was trying to put the moves on her with a romantic fire burning in the background.  Are her shish kabob feeding skills really that bad or is she a vengeful murderer who was set to take Steve out from the get-go?  You be the judge as you watch the clip below:

Happy Birthday To Me…….

Well because it’s my birthday today – me, Evander Holyfield and John Lithgow are all taking the day off.  Have no fear, I’ll be back bigger and better than ever next week.  Until then though, please enjoy this compilation clip of all of the death scenes from the not too believable, but highly enjoyable 1981 slasher Happy Birthday To Me.  And in case you have trouble understanding perfect English, subtitles have been provided in the clip for some reason.  Enjoy!