Are You Ready For The ‘Heebie Jeebies’?

Thank god for the SyFy Channel.  Without them a lot of “has been” actors wouldn’t be able to find work.  I’ll admit though, I’ve grown a little tired of the whole SyFy movie schtick and miss the days of old where a film Ice Spiders was actually something original.  Horrible, but original at least.  I hadn’t really checked for one of these “bad, but good” flicks in a long time, but for some reason I’m excited for this Saturday’s new craptastic feature, Heebie Jeebies. Hahahaha!  Heebie Jeebies.  C’mon, say it with me and you’ll laugh.  No? Ok, nevermind.  Watch the preview below and relish in the awfulness:

Holy hell.  Mrs. C from Happy Days is in this thing?!?  Talk about putting all of your chips in!  Now there’s now way that this thing will suck if one of Television’s most beloved mothers is in it!  We can only hope that she will die a slow, CGI-filled death or maybe she’ll just stop and do the hand jive with the Heebie Jeebie monster thing.  Watch for it this Saturday, February 9th to find out!

*June Cleaver ain’t got shit on me*