Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Head Rip’ And ‘Sander To The Face’ From Hatchet (2006)

Another edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday is here and what better way to spend the Lord’s Day than with some sick pics from some of your favorite horror movies!  This week, I give you some pictorial praise from Adam Green’s 2006 ode to the classic slasher, Hatchet.  Now, Hatchet is one of those movies that definitely reminded me of flipping through a Fangoria magazine when I was 10 years old, which is the purpose of this weekly feature that I do. No Youtube clips here.  Just some gory-ass pics for you to drool over.  And when it comes to Hatchet, how do you even choose what pics to put up?  This movie was on a whole other level when it came to the practical gore effects, and for that, I applaud you Adam Green.  So much gore, so little time.  So I’ll share the Victor Crowley head rip of poor Mrs. Permatteo and the belt sander demise of the super hot Jenna.  Enjoy!

*just have patience when ripping open your first head….*




*it’s important to not go against the grain when sanding*


*it’s not you, it’s me*