Dirty Horror Memory Lane: The ‘Hellraiser’ Video Game That Never Was……

(Cue the intrigue music) Unlicensed Video Games?!  Super Cartridges?!  What kind of crazy scenario is this???  Oh – it’s just the unreleased Hellraiser video game scenario that played out back in 1990.

Yes, if you hadn’t heard (and I just recently heard), there was an actual Hellraiser video game in development back in 1990, and it was full of shady business!  I’ll give you the short version, but you can read the full version HERE.  In a Cenobite nutshell, a company called Color Dreams was known for making unlicensed video games and they had a concept for a Hellraiser game that would be along the lines of another game, Wolfenstein 3D.  Color Dreams developed the game at a high cost, in hopes that Nintendo would go for it, and it was going to be released on something called a ‘Super Cartridge’.  It all sounded pretty complicated and the bottom line is that Nintendo didn’t bite, and the Hellraiser video game has been collecting dust on the shelf ever since.  Oh – there was a neat promo ad for it though!


Well isn’t that lovely.  Wait – over one million worlds?!?!  That’s a lot of worlds.  We may never know what the Hellraiser video game would have been like.  Oh sure – we can use our imagination and pretend that there was a scene where Butterball was creepily stalking you while licking his lips and rubbing his big belly, but that’s about all I’ve got.

In today’s day and age with the excellence of graphics in video games, I for one would love to see a Hellraiser video game.  The characters are interesting.  You can have a decent story (unlike some of the Hellraiser sequels).  And maybe…..just maybe…..that guy in the first movie that eats the crickets in the pet shop that turns into a skeletal dragon at the end would make an appearance.  So here’s to you unreleased Hellraiser video game that apparently would have been in ‘Super Cartridge’ form…..we hardly knew ye.  Actually, we really didn’t know ye at all.

So About This New Hellraiser Movie That’s Coming……

Pinhead fans rejoice!  You’re going to get another actor other than Doug Bradley to play him in the upcoming Hellraiser: Judgment movie!  This isn’t exactly new news that Paul T. Taylor would be nailing on the pins for the upcoming sequel, but what is new is your first look at him in this teaser poster below:


Alright, let’s get the obvious out of the way.  He looks 10 X better than the Pinhead in the 2011 travesty known as Hellraiser: Revelations.  Here’s a revelation:  You sucked as Pinhead, Stephan Smith Collins.  Ok – now let’s talk about this teaser poster a little more. No Doug Bradley, but it looks as though those involved in Hellraiser: Judgment at least have gotten the look somewhat right – if you like to base things on blurry unfocused poster art that is.

I do have to say though that I hate the tagline ‘Evil Seeks Evil‘.  Of course evil seeks evil! It’s not like evil is going to seek out some rainbows and ponies.  As a whole, I’m over these weak-ass Hellraiser sequels though.  Unless you can get Clive Barker officially onboard AND get Doug Bradley back – I’m pretty much already checked out.  How they dropped the ball with the franchise is a little mind-boggling to be honest.  The possibilities were endless and we could have seen Pinhead go to the deepest, darkest places……Instead we got him in a nightclub in Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth (guilty pleasure scene though). I’m anticipating the trailer for this sequel (which is already in post-production), but my expectations are lower than low.  Btw – how great would it be if Julia returned in some way or form?


Check Out These ‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II’ Behind The Scenes Make-Up Clips!

While I was snooping around Youtube this morning, I came across some great behind the scenes make-up footage from 1988’s, Hellbound: Hellraiser II.  In the clips, you can see all of your favorite Cenobites getting their faces put on as well as just sitting around and shooting the shit.  Cenobites – they’re just like us!  Pay attention to the end of Part 1 for a little dance from Pinhead (Doug Bradley).  As a bonus, there’s also a video of some test effects of the infamous bed scene where Julia emerges and kills the mental patient who thinks he has maggots on his arms.  Enjoy!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Nightclub Massacre’ From ‘Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth’ (1992)

There’s nothing better in a mediocre horror sequel than a memorable nightclub massacre.  And luckily for 1992’s Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth, it had that going for it.  It’s that time again for the one thing that everyone likes doing on Sunday!  Nope, not talking about going to church.  You can do that on your own time.  I’m talking about another edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday!  The time of the week where I give you some of my favorite memorable death scenes from the days of horror movie past.

And in case the title of the post and my other mentioning of it hasn’t clued you in yet, I’m taking you straight to the Boiler Room nightclub from Hellraiser III.  It’s the best place to grind up on that special someone you have had your eye on, knock back a few shots of whiskey, and get slaughtered by Pinhead.  Maybe not necessarily in that order.  Yeah, Pinhead shows up to the Boiler Room and starts getting his groove on like it’s nobody’s business.  For him that includes somehow turning into a giant icicle that stabs a girl in the mouth and commanding a bunch of CDs to impale a DJ’s head.  Oh, and he also loves to laugh!  And what a hearty laugh he has.  So sit back, grab a cold one, and enjoy watching Pinhead do his thing: