Monday Bloody Monday: ‘The Trailer Scene’ From ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ (2006)

Few moments in horror movie history leave me in a state of shock and awe.  And no, the entire Gingerdead Man movie is not among these moments.  But there is one moment that always comes to mind, and that would be the ‘trailer scene’ in The Hills Have Eyes remake from 2006.

Welcome to Monday Bloody Monday where I am indeed going back to the scene that still makes me feel uneasy when I watch it.  Quite possibly the most brutal scene ever in a bigger budget horror movie.  I realize this was a Hills Have Eyes remake and there was a somewhat similar scene in the original Wes Craven offering, but I literally feel the need to take a shower after watching the remake version.  Watching Pluto and Lizard (great names for some mutants btw) terrorize this family with rape and murder tendencies makes my skin crawl.  Oh – and that gunshot to the Mom?  Whew.