Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Hammer To The Penis’ From Mother’s Day (1980)

What better way to celebrate the woman that gave birth to you than with a Sunday Bloody Sunday post about a guy who takes a hammer to his junk?  If you love bad movies, then you know I’m talking about the 1980 Charles Kaufman directed ridiculousness, Mother’s Day.  The sweet and loving story about a mother who encourages her two slow-witted sons to kidnap, torture, rape and kill women!  The perfect thing to go with those carnations you just got Mom.

And the scene we’ll focus on today is the hammer to the crotch scene.  Yes, Abbey and Trina finally turn the tables and take care of one of the sons, Addley, in epic fashion.  Not only does he get stabbed in the neck with a piece of wire, he gets the end of a hammer shoved into his nuts.  Oh – and then gets suffocated too for the cherry on top of that sundae.  It’s the movie’s true “Holy Shit!” moment.  

*another Home Depot blooper*

Fun side fact:  I attended a screening of Mother’s Day courtesy of Eli Roth’s favorite movie marathon at the New Beverly Cinema in LA a few years back. Roth presented it along with director Charles Kaufman and everyone was waiting for this particular scene to come up.  And when the movie finally got to that point….the scene was gone.  Seems the reel that was provided for the screening had that scene intentionally cut out because apparently they would do that back in the day with scenes that were deemed to be too “controversial”. Needless to say Roth and everyone else were crushed…..

But anyway – how about that hammer to the nuts?  Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

*did someone say prune juice?!?*