Just Another Metal Monday: Our Last Enemy ‘10,000 Headless Horses’ Video

What better way to enjoy a Monday than with some face-melting Australian industrial metal from Our Last Enemy?  I can’t think of anything, unless we’re talking about a giant stack of pancakes with extra syrup, but I’ll take Our Last Enemy over that right now.


I recently stumbled upon their video for the song “10,000 Headless Horses” and was immediately sucked in due to the horror vibe that’s going on from the get-go.  Add to that, the intense ‘punch you in your f*cking face’ music and vocals and you have the perfect recipe to cure your Monday blues.  I’m just such a sucker for the metal and horror combo.  If you dig what you see below, look out for Our Last Enemy’s new album called Pariah on March 11th.  Jump over and support them on their Facebook page HERE as well!