Michael Myers…….Now With More Sexy Abs!

I’m always up for new art revolving around the world of horror, and more specifically our beloved horror icons.  A London artist named Karl Von Frankenstein (cute) has just released a few of his creations that bring out the erotic side of your favorite slasher villains.  But since it’s October, I’m going to focus on the Michael Myers one.  Be prepared to never be able to look at Michael the same again when you watch your Halloween marathon this year.  Or maybe you’ll be turned on by it if that’s your bag.


Check Out Alex Pardee’s ‘Doppelgängers’ Book!

If you’re into horror art and have been looking for something new to thumb through while you do your business on the toilet, then look no further than artist Alex Pardee’s book, Doppelgängers!


Yes, you’re seeing that correctly.  He actually did a drawing of the snake monster from Dreamscape.  I’ve showcased some of Alex Pardee’s work before on my Facebook page for Dirty Horror, but now you have a huge collection of that work in 172 pages of awesome book form to drool over.  If you order from the Zero Friends shop HERE, you can get it signed by Mr. Pardee as well, so that’s a big bonus.  There are 4 different covers and you will randomly get one of them when you order, but if you’re feeling froggy and want all 4 covers, just order 4 copies and you automatically get them all.  Head on over and snatch your copy up of Doppelgängers now and support some real horror art!

It’s Friday…..So How About Some Awesome 80’s Horror Movie Claymation?

Thanks to FearNet, I stumbled upon this video that artist Trent Shy put together of some memorable 80’s horror movie scenes.  That catch is that they’re all in glorious claymation form!  Mr. Bill would definitely be proud.

Not only are some of your favorites like The Fly and The Blob on display here, but also some that are a little more obscure and surprising (in a great way) like From Beyond and Brain Damage.  To sweeten the claymation pie, you even get some Gremlins watching and enjoying the clips like only Gremlins could.  So if your dream this Friday was to see a claymation version of Belial from Basket Case, then click the link below!