Did You Know That There Was A ‘Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh’ Board Game?

Who loves board games??!!  And who loves board games that are based off of subpar horror movie sequels??!!  Well then do I have some good news for you.  In a random search for horror-themed games, I stumbled across this:


That’s right.  You’re looking at a promotional board game based on Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh that came out in 1995.  Now, even though I wasn’t crazy about the movie – I have to admit that this looks pretty cool.  Of course it could be a complete waste of time and utter horse shit, but at least it looks like they took some time on the design.  Here’s a brief synopsis of what it’s all about:

As you travel the streets of New Orleans looking for pieces of the puzzle to solve the Candyman Murder mysteries you have to make sure you do not become a victim yourself. To win, player must proceed clockwise along the streets of New Orleans and get to the Mansion with the key card in order to unlock the secret to Candyman’s power.


Not sure if this would be a game to gather the whole family around on a Friday night to play, but it definitely might be a game to get your friends together and drink heavily while you try to unlock the secret to Candyman’s power.  If you’re intrigued by the premise of the game and of the pics above, I have good news for you!  There is one up for sale on Ebay HERE right now.  I would imagine you might be able to walk away with it for no more than $50.  A small price to pay for an enjoyable piece of horror memorabilia.  Oh that’s right – I don’t know if it’s enjoyable or not.  Forgot I said it could be utter horse shit.  Up to you to take the gamble I guess!

Dirty Horror Memory Lane: The ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ Board Game (1978)

Well I’m upset.  No, please don’t try and calm me down.  I’m upset because I just found out that instead of playing the terrible Clash Of The Titans board game when I was a kid, I could have been playing a board game based on 1978’s Dawn Of The Dead!  Yep, color me clueless because I had no idea that this even existed.

Apparently, there were two options to play for the game.  Option 1:  a zombie player has to kill any three characters.  Option 2:  a human player has to secure the mall by closing the four entrances and eliminating all of the zombies that are currently inside.  Not sure if there was a third option where you could play as a biker gang that goes around throwing pies and shooting seltzer water into the zombie’s faces.

The bottom line is that this is pretty awesome, but unfortunately, awesome comes at a price nowadays.  This rare Dawn Of The Dead board game can cost a few hundred bucks up on Ebay.  There have been updated reproductions that you can buy and even download online, but I’m a purist and would want the original real deal.  Nothing quite satisfies the “I wish I was young again” thirst like an authentic piece of random pop culture.  Here’s to you, horror board game nostalgia!