Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Xmas Ornament Death’ From ‘Jack Frost’ (1997)

Having trouble finding the right way to decorate your Christmas tree this year?  No problem!  Call our favorite straight-to-DVD homicidal snowman, Jack Frost, and he’ll help you out!  Welcome to another edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday where I give to you, usually in Youtube form, some of my favorite death scenes from horror movies past and present.  And to keep the Yuletide mood going, I wanted to revisit 1997’s killer snowman cheesefest, Jack Frost.

Most known probably for the random Shannon Elizabeth cameo where she pretty much gets raped in the bathtub by ol’ Frosty, I wanted to spotlight another scene where a woman meets her untimely and rather festive death by way of Christmas ornaments and lights.

He is creative, I’ll give him that.  Obviously a movie that falls into the horror/comedy category, Jack Frost deserves to be viewed this holiday season, preferably while being completely drunk or stoned.  And here’s a fun fact:  this movie came out a year before that equally creepy Michael Keaton movie with the same name.  Good to know that a maniacal snowman could pave the way for other talking snowmen in film.  Salute!

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