Dirty Horror Memory Lane: He-Man Evil Horde Slime Pit (1985)

Have you wanted to pour bad smelling green slime all over one of your enemies?  It’s ok, you can admit it.  Well back when I was a kid, you could do just that!  But only if your enemies were He-Man action figures.  I always gravitated towards the more creepy and disturbing He-Man characters and products, so it wasn’t really a big surprise that I was all about The Evil Horde Slime Pit that came out in 1985.

Oh trust me – it was as much fun as it looks in that commercial.  A couple of fun facts about the slime though:

1.  It smelled like a mixture of glue and piss.

2.  It didn’t taste that good.

3.  An unused can of slime goes for around $100 on Ebay.

Now, you can find the actual playset on Ebay as well for around $100, but the can of slime doesn’t come with it, hence the higher price tag on a can of that.  I have to say that it’s moments like this when I take a stroll down memory lane when I realize just how early of an age I had gotten into horror-related products.  And it only snowballed after that ladies and gentlemen.  So a big thank you to The Evil Horde Slime Pit for shaping up what has become a great horror mind.  Ok – great might be overstating it a bit, but it’s a pretty good horror mind at the least.  Now let’s end this thing by looking at some of The Horde’s minions, shall we?