Horror What Ifs: An NES Version Of ‘Garbage Day’ From ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2’

What if someone made a Nintendo version of the classic ‘Garbage Day’ scene from Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2?  No longer do you have to wonder, because someone did!

For those in the dark here, Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 was the 1987 sequel that literally recycled 45 minutes of content from the original movie that was released in 1984.  But one original scene that more than made up for that lazy effort was indeed when Ricky (the brother of Billy from the first film) goes on a neighborhood shooting rampage which is highlighted by Ricky taking out a poor sap who just wants to take his garbage cans to the curb for it’s weekly pick up.  And it was the “Garbage Day!” line by Ricky that made it the cult phenomena that it is today.

So how awesome is it that someone took the time to make a Nintendo 16-bit version of that scene?  Pretty damn awesome.  If only someone developed it into a real playable game.  We can dream though, and it is the holiday season after all where miracles do happen.  So think of this post as my holiday gift to you, because you’re not getting that Xbox 360 or Playstation 4 system that you’ve put on the top of your list.

Horror What Ifs: A Bushwick Bill ‘Chuckwick’ Movie?

Raise your hand if you know who Bushwick Bill and the Geto Boys are.  Ok, now raise you’re hand if you’re surprised that Bushwick Bill is still alive.  No that’s not a dig at him being a little person, so calm down.  And yes, he is a little person for those of you who didn’t raise your hand or maybe you just didn’t want to participate in this fun little interaction.  I made that comment about him being alive because Bushwick Bill was infamously shot in the eye by his girlfriend at the time, after he had a drinking binge off of Everclear.  As the legend goes, Bushwick was trying to force her to kill him, but she missed and shot him in the eye instead.  And as infamous as that incident was, it was nothing compared to the opportunistic album cover that would follow with a bloody-eyed Bushwick on a gurney holding a Zack Morris phone for the Geto Boys album, We Can’t Be Stopped.

Now from that album, Bushwick Bill would introduce us to his infatuation with our favorite murderous doll from Child’s Play, Chucky, and also introduce us to his mind that seemed to be filled with making cake mix out of dead heads and frog legs.  Gross.  Yes, the track “Chuckie” (misspelled on purpose?), was born and from then on, Bushwick would be know for his connection to the little red headed guy and would even spawn the sequel track, “Chuckwick” off of Bushwick’s debut solo album, Little Big Man.  Which brings me to the reason for this post.   Continue reading

Horror What Ifs: Jason Voorhees G.I. Joe Action Figure

Last year, I was lucky enough to purchase quite possibly the best horror T-shirt ever from Fright Rags that meshed two of my favorite childhood memories together as one.  And those memories would be G.I. Joe and Friday The 13th.  Yep, Fright Rags released a limited edition G.I. Jason T-shirt and I made sure to snag one up!  But what I didn’t intend to snag up in addition, was this mock cardboard packaging that they sent out for a real G.I. Jason action figure:

The detail is amazing and it even comes with a Clearance $4.00 sticker on the top right corner!  Not to mention the fact that it actually looks like the figure was ripped out of the package.  So it really got me to thinking of how cool it would have been to have an actual army of Jasons to battle against Joe and his team, or maybe even team up and take on the evil genius of Cobra Command instead!  And if you flip the cardboard package over, you’ll see some of the other Jason characters that you could use to plan your attack:

I think Sackhead probably would have torn some shit up.  If they can make some horrible Django Unchained action figures, then why not get in the lab and crank out some of these G.I. Jason bad boys?  Kudos to you Fright Rags for stepping up your game and giving every kid who grew up in the 80’s something to hope for when they’re in their 30’s and 40’s.  Yo G.I. Jason!


Horror What Ifs: The Exorcist Sitcom

Get ready to do a split pea soup spit take, it’s The Exorcist sitcom everybody! Well, sort of anyway.  Another installment of the Horror What Ifs asks, what if there really was an Exorcist sitcom?  Well, a group called the Film School Rejects have brought us closer to reality with a “fake” sitcom up on Youtube for the William Friedkin horror masterpiece.  With an accompanying laugh track and super cheesy 80’s theme music, this definitely was a good way to start off this Halloween weekend! Check it out below:

For me, and most other people from what I’ve read, the best part was how the music timed out during Regan’s spider crawl down the stairs.  Genius.  The 80’s commercials were a nice nostalgic touch, but overall it could have been trimmed just a little because the laugh track started to wear out it’s welcome. But, nonetheless, this is pretty much a stroke of horror and comedic genius and my hat’s off (even though I don’t wear hats), to all that were involved creating this.  I may never look at The Exorcist the same again!

*you can’t do that on television!*