Horror Movie Posters I Love: House (1986)

I can remember when I was a little 10 year old Fangoria magazine reader (my mother was so naive) and I spotted the ad/poster for the 1986 Steve Miner directed film, House.  Had no idea what the movie was about, but damn that poster sure did catch my eye!  The severed hand ringing the doorbell.  Subtle, but effective.

Now the original poster that I saw, didn’t have the better tagline.  ‘Horror Has Found A New Home‘ just isn’t as good as the other tagline for the movie ‘Ding Dong.  You’re Dead‘.  And this poster was another that I practically begged for at the local Mom & Pop video store in town, Video-To-Go, but sadly, I lost that battle.  I had to settle for a free poster of The Gate, which was nothing to sneeze at when we’re talking about horror posters by the way.  But the House poster caught my eye, drew me in, and made me beg my family to hop in the family truckster and head to the local theatre to see it.  This may have been the first true horror/comedy that I saw and I loved this movie back then, so it would be interesting to see how she holds up nowadays.  Can’t beat a zombified Richard Moll, now can you?

*eat, eat….you’re bones and bones*