Disappointed In ‘Suicide Squad’ This Weekend? Check Out The ‘Injustice For All’ Short!

I will confess, I did not contribute to the $140 million box office take that Suicide Squad grabbed this weekend.  But I did hear and read that it doesn’t do any large amount of justice to the DC Comics that it’s based on.  Speaking of justice though, or shall I say injustice (sweet transition right there), I was lucky enough to find a short that’s up on Youtube called Injustice For All.

Do you like your Joker dark, to the point where he kills cats and bites off people’s tongues?  Do you want to witness a different take on the tragic/beautiful/fucked up backstory of Harley Quinn’s dedication to The Joker?  Well, then strap in for about 20 minutes and watch the short below brought to you by White Hand Films.  I for one, was pretty into this (I do like fucked up shit though), and I’m hoping that this is just a tease of more to come from Injustice For All and from the talented cast that graces it’s presence.  Enjoy and click play: