Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Band Saw Kill’ And ‘Sam Raimi On A Meat Hook’ From Intruder (1989)

You feel that tingle in your pants?  That can mean one of two things – and one of those things is that it’s time for another edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday! The weekly feature where I applaud your favorite gore scenes in picture form, like the good ol’ days of thumbing through a Fangoria magazine.  This week, I tackle an underrated slasher from 1989 called Intruder.

Directed by Scott Spiegel (co-writer of Evil Dead 2 and personal friend of Sam Raimi), Intruder takes a supermarket setting and a ‘who is the killer among us’ plot and throws in a ton of gore gags courtesy of some early work by the KNB efx crew.  And it’s these gore gags that make this slasher stand out, with the highlight being a band saw kill where a poor bastard has his head literally sawed in half.  So I’m spotlighting that kill this week as well as a bonus kill of director (and actor) Sam Raimi meeting his demise by a meat hook.  Justice served for Spiderman 3.  Enjoy, and if you’ve seen Intruder, feel free to spill your thoughts about it:

*i bet he never ‘saw’ it coming!*


*can a brotha get a hook up?*