The Trailer For The Sequel Everyone Wanted: Return Of The Killer Shrews!

I laid on that sarcasm pretty thick up there.  Yes, it only took 53 years, but for all of The Killer Shrews die-hard fans out there, your day has finally come! The sequel to the movie that focused on an animal that nobody ever gave a shit about is about to be released.  The cleverly titled Return Of The Killer Shrews picks up right where the 1959 black and white original left off.  Sort of. Well it takes place on an island, so there’s that.  And it boasts one of the stars from the original, James Best!  Clearly he needed money and so did Rick Schneider who should really be focusing on some kind of Smallville spinoff or a Dukes Of Hazzard reunion.  I do miss the furry bad puppetry of the original, but that of course has been replaced with the ever popular CGI.  Whatever the case, here’s the trailer for the CGI filled awesomeness that deserves to be shown proudly on the Syfy Channel Saturday night lineup:

Side note:  I still love the original 1959 poster!