Underrated Horror Movie Masks: Patrick Channing From ‘The First Power’ (1990)

Keeping with the spirit of the season, nothing quite says Halloween like a good scary mask.  So I figured I would take a look back through horror history and pick a movie mask that is criminally underrated as far as creepy horror movie masks go.  If you’re a big Lou Diamond Phillips fan, then I’m sure you own 50 copies of the 1990 serial killer flick called The First Power on VHS.  The movie itself is a guilty pleasure of mine, and it sports one of the best false faces ever to grace the horror screen.


Creepy, right?  Well the movie is creepy too.  And in the movie, we follow the trail of Patrick Channing, a sadistic serial killer who offers his victims up to Satan as a sacrifice.  Oh, and he’s known as the Pentagram Killer because he tends to enjoy carving pentagrams into the flesh of those victims.  He’s a super fun guy to say the least, and he takes everything to the next level when he puts on that fucking mask.  I keep looking up at it in that pic by the way and have become increasingly uneasy while writing this post.

Ok – now are you ready for your ironic fun fact of the day?  That was weak.  I said…..ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR IRONIC FUN FACT OF THE DAY?!?! Much better response.  Ok – the actor who portrayed Patrick Channing is Jeff Kober.  You may remember him from last season’s The Walking Dead as the biker guy who gets a chunk of his neck taken out by Rick Grimes.  Well, the ironic fun fact is that even when Patrick Channing takes his mask off in The First Power, he’s still just as creepy!  Don’t worry, Jeff Kober – even with your unique unsettling face, you’re still one hell of an actor.