How The F*ck Did I Not Know About These ‘Fright Night’ Mego Figures?

Nothing like surfing around the internet and promptly getting a kick in the nuts when you see some horror movie action figures that you wish you would have bought.  And to make the nut pain even stronger, you see that they’re selling on eBay for 4-5 times the amount that they originally sold for.  Yeah, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to collecting horror movie memorabilia, but I embrace it.  And when I saw that there was actually an Evil Ed figure from the original Fright Night that was made, I immediately braced my balls for the impact.


Yes, that is an actual Evil Ed figure done in the style of the old school Mego figures from the 70’s.  The company Monsters In Motion apparently did a line of Fright Night figures and sold them on their site, with all of them being limited to under 60 pieces each. Obviously they’re sold out now, but the good news is that you can buy them on eBay for outrageous over-inflated prices!  Woohoo!  Included in the lot were Evil Ed, Jerry Dandridge, Peter Vincent, and Charlie Brewster.

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of the Mego-style figures, but I am a hardcore Fright Night lover that would jump at the chance to own one of these at a reasonable price.  My first choice would have to be Evil Ed, with Peter Vincent coming in a close second.  The Jerry Dandridge and Charlie Brewster figures actually came in a two-pack, so you could have hours of fun with them together and pose them anyway you want to.  Case in point:  If you ever wanted to insinuate that Charlie is giving Jerry a blowjob, you can!  Just check the pic below.  Considering Charlie’s expression, vampires seem to be packing.


Remember The ‘Fright Night’ Music Video?

1985’s Fright Night is not only one of my favorite vampire movies of all time, but also one of my favorite horror movies of all time too.  Jerry Dandrige is pretty much the coolest vampire ever (even with his ridiculous neck-revealing sweater that he wears to the club), Evil Ed is pretty much the coolest sidekick ever, and the Fright Night theme song is pretty much the worse theme song ever:

Quit trying to upstage Jerry Dandrige’s club sweater with your out of control 80’s hair, lead singer Seth Justman!  And wasn’t the beginning shot of the whole band in bed together a bit puzzling?  We can all agree that the song is terrible, but it was 1985 for Christ’s sake, so slack is being cut.  Truth be told, as an avid horror soundtrack collector, I can tell you that the Fright Night soundtrack is pretty sought after on vinyl.  And if Seth Justman’s hair was on the cover, I’m sure it would be even more desirable.  Speaking of desirable, let’s get a bonus Youtube clip going and watch Jerry try and seduce Amy with his smooth dance moves and even smoother sweater: