Dirty Horror Dance-Off: ‘Fright Night’ Vs. ‘Fright Night Part 2’

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for dance-off!  A bit random, yes – but a good dance-off can really make or break the week.  Our first competitors are Jerry Dandrige and Amy Peterson from the 1985 movie Fright Night.  Jerry is sporting a rather large neck-hole sweater to bust his moves in and the duo will be dancing to the Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King song “Give It Up“.  Let’s see what they’ve got!

Oooooh.  Steamy!  You could really feel the chemistry between the two of them.  That is until Charley Brewster showed up and started cockblocking and ruined the mood.  Speaking of Charley, he’s up next in the Dirty Horror Dance- Off with his partner Regine Dandrige (ooooh sibling rivalry going on!) from the 1988 sequel Fright Night Part 2.  I’m not sure that they’ll be able to top the sensuality and poise of our first couple, but let’s see what they can do to the tune of “Come To Me” by Deborah Holland.

Wow – talk about upping the ante!  Charley’s hands were all over Regine.  The black onlooking vampire with the impressive 80’s hair clearly approved.  Nice appearance by the rosary too.  I didn’t know that props were allowed, but we’ll let it slide here.  Hmmmmm……this is going to be tough.  On one hand, Jerry and Amy brought the heat fast and hard and Jerry’s sweater gets points regardless of this outcome.  On the other hand, Charley & Regine took it to another level, included some appropriate props, and Regine even went full vampire to try and secure the win.  So after tallying up the votes, the winner of the very first Dirty Horror Dance-Off is……………………


Regine went full vampire, and we all know that going full vampire results in a victory.

Remember The ‘Fright Night’ Music Video?

1985’s Fright Night is not only one of my favorite vampire movies of all time, but also one of my favorite horror movies of all time too.  Jerry Dandrige is pretty much the coolest vampire ever (even with his ridiculous neck-revealing sweater that he wears to the club), Evil Ed is pretty much the coolest sidekick ever, and the Fright Night theme song is pretty much the worse theme song ever:

Quit trying to upstage Jerry Dandrige’s club sweater with your out of control 80’s hair, lead singer Seth Justman!  And wasn’t the beginning shot of the whole band in bed together a bit puzzling?  We can all agree that the song is terrible, but it was 1985 for Christ’s sake, so slack is being cut.  Truth be told, as an avid horror soundtrack collector, I can tell you that the Fright Night soundtrack is pretty sought after on vinyl.  And if Seth Justman’s hair was on the cover, I’m sure it would be even more desirable.  Speaking of desirable, let’s get a bonus Youtube clip going and watch Jerry try and seduce Amy with his smooth dance moves and even smoother sweater: