‘Tales From The Darkside’ TV Show Reboot Not A Reboot After All?

Color me confused.  Word got out the other week about a possible Tales From The Darkside TV show reboot happening for the CW network.  So naturally, one would have assumed that those involved would at least stick with the anthology formula that made the original series unique.  Well, throw those assumptions out the window.  Author Joe Hill, who is heading up the new series, recently spoke to MTV about it and said this:

Well, for starters, the show is just called ‘Darkside’.  And it really is a reinvention, not a reboot.  My feeling is, in the wake of shows like ‘The X-Files’ and ‘Fringe’, the days when you could do a straightforward horror anthology are over.

Ok.  I’m fine with them changing the show’s name to just Darkside.  What I’m not fine with is abandoning the whole anthology angle.  I agree to disagree with you Mr. Hill, because I don’t think that the days of a straightforward anthology show are over.  If anything, it would be refreshing to have around.  Ahhh – but something tells me that because of the success of American Horror Story and it’s format, that’s the route they might end up going where each season is a different story and has different characters.

The attachment to the CW network doesn’t really bother me and the fact that Joe Hill is heavily involved is definitely encouraging.  For those who don’t know, he is Stephen King’s son and a great writer in his own right.  But if they’re not going to go down the anthology path, can we at least get a spiffy redux of the Tales From The Darkside theme music and intro?  As long as I can hear an updated version of the voiceover guy saying “BUT……”, I’ll be a happy horror camper.