Review: Maniac (2013)

I’ll admit, when I heard that Elijah Wood was going to be strapping on Joe Spinell’s boots in the Maniac remake, to say I was skeptical would have been an understatement.  Let’s be real here, most associate Wood with the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy as Frodo Baggins, so to picture him scalping hapless female victims and becoming a creepy stalker would have most scratching their heads.  I’ve always thought he was a talented actor, but this was dark territory he was entering here and for this remake to work, he would have to convince us that he was indeed that “maniac” with Mommy issues who had a fascination with bloody scalps and mannequins.  Good news folks – he convinced us.   Continue reading

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Maniac’ Shotgun Head Blow

Since I have Maniac on my mind, I figured I’d keep it in the family for this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday edition.  Now, if you’ve seen the original 1980 Maniac, then you know that Tom Savini sports some of his best stuff here, even though it was early on in his career.  But what makes his work in Maniac so special is that he actually had the opportunity to kill himself!  Yep, our movie psycho Frank (Joe Spinell) gives Tom Savini (who has a short acting role here), a big ol’ shotgun blast to the noggin and Tom had to concoct his own exploding practical efx head!  If you’ve never seen it, then Youtube it.  But that’s not what we do here at Sunday Bloody Sunday.  You just get a pic like they used to do in the good old days, so enjoy!

*you need a new car like you need a hole in the head….oops*

News: Maniac Remake Belongs To IFC Midnight

Upon first hearing about a planned remake of the 1980 William Lustig gorefest Maniac, I was pretty surprised because I didn’t necessarily feel it really needed to be remade. On the flipside though, I wasn’t rioting in the streets (slight exaggeration) like when I had first heard about the ill fated Nightmare On Elm Street remake with a muppet looking Freddy Krueger.  Then came the Maniac remake news of who would be playing the role of our fearless hero….oops….I mean our deranged, voices in my head, psycho woman killer Frank.  He really was a charmer, wasn’t he ladies?  Anyway, it was announced that none other than Elijah Wood would be handling the knife, among other instruments of torture and death, in the psychotic role that Joe Spinell made so famous in the original.  Yep – you heard right.  Frodo is going to be a serial killer.

*you can just feel the evil pouring out of that goofy ass smile*

The good news on the streets of Maniacville is that the remake is pretty good and just as sick and twisted as the original.  Although, that’s already quite evident from the red band trailer that appeared online a while back.  And now we get the news today that IFC Midnight as acquired all North American rights to the flick, so does this mean that we could see some good ol’ fashioned Frodo scalp cutting sooner than we think in theaters?    Continue reading