‘All The Boys Love Mandy Lane’ FINALLY Being Released….Are We Happy?

Seriously.  7 years has to be some kind of record for a movie to be released AFTER it’s made the usual film festival rounds.  Welcome to the world of All The Boys Love Mandy Lane – the movie that most thought would never get a proper theatrical release is finally getting a theatrical (limited) release!  Yes, on October 11th, you can put down your hard earned cash to see Amber Heard run around all sweaty and bloody with a machete and witness what took literally 7 years in the making to hit the big screen.

For the record, I have seen this movie, but honestly can’t remember too much about it other than Amber Heard is hot, some kids die, and it was super “edgy”, meaning that we as the horror community were supposed to be excited about that.  I recall likening the edginess to 1988’s, Heathers.  It’s not a hard film to find online to watch or at horror conventions in bootleg DVD form, but I guess we should be somewhat happy that it’s finally getting a proper release in theaters and OnDemand (September 6th for that one).

*young love…..*

To me, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is another one of those movies where the hype train went out of control and flew off the tracks.  Don’t be prepared to have your mind blown, but do be prepared to have a decent time with it.  It was directed by Jonathan Levine who gave us the zom-com, Warm Bodies, this year and I had a pretty good time with that one.  And for all of my short-term memory folk out there, you can watch Amber Heard run around all bloody and sweaty.  Yay.