Just Another Metal Monday: ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)’ From Alice Cooper (1986)

Yeah!!!  METAL!!!  Devil Horns!!!  Well, more like some tamer 80’s synthy pop this week – but it’s from Alice Cooper so it’s metal adjacent.  Definitely a guilty pleasure, ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)‘ was the theme song for Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.  The effort itself from Alice Cooper doesn’t necessarily fit his mold, but it got him some screen time with Mr. Voorhees so it’s all good.  Gotta love the majestic green screen work being done in the video btw.  So click the Youtube link below, get your Metal Monday groove on, and take a drink every time you see a bad green screen shot.  You’ll be fucked up in 4 minutes.

Just Another Metal Monday: Marilyn Manson’s ‘Tourniquet’ Music Video

Ahhhh.  That lovely feeling of a Monday morning.  And that feeling is something between getting drilled on at the dentist and having diarrhea.  Case in point:  Mondays pretty much suck.  But what would make this Monday a little better?  How about a horror-influenced video with tons of creepy-ass imagery from Marilyn Manson?

Oh yes – one of my favorite music videos ever and it makes you appreciate the misunderstood Marilyn Manson just a little bit more, doesn’t it?  From his 1996 breakthrough album Antichrist Superstar, the video for the song Tourniquet is your worst (in a good way) haunted house come to life.  Not to mention that you probably feel the need to shower after watching it.  Happy Monday, everybody!

Just Another Metal Monday: Slipknot ‘The Devil In I’ Music Video

Haven’t done this post in a while, and what better way to kick it back off than with the new horror imagery filled video from Slipknot called ‘The Devil In I‘:

While I don’t like this particular song better than the band’s first single, ‘The Negative One‘, off the upcoming album .5: The Gray Chapter, I definitely don’t hate it and honestly love the video from a horror fan’s standpoint.  We get red sheeted ghosts, creepy crows, the essential biting off of appendages, a face peeling that would make Poltergeist proud, and a disco ball!  The obvious underlying symbolism is that Slipknot is going through a transformation based off of events that have happened in the past few years, complete with some impressive new masks to round that transformation out.

Aside from seeing everything in the video for ‘The Devil In I‘, you can witness the new look and hear the new album (out October 21st on Roadrunner Records) on Slipknot’s new upcoming tour – kicking off in San Bernardino, CA on October 25th and 26th for the band’s amazing Knotfest festival.  For the full lineup of Knotfest and info on how to grab some last minute tickets, go click HERE now!


Just Another Metal Monday: Ozzy Osbourne ‘Bark At The Moon’ Video (1983)

Yawwwwwwn.  It’s hard sometimes to get me out of my Monday funk.  But luckily, some good heavy metal usually does the trick.  Add some horror into the mix and it feels like a 3-day weekend!  And one of the originators of the metal/horror hybrid was of course Ozzy Osbourne, and more specifically his video for the single ‘Bark At The Moon‘.  So, let’s take a trip back to MTV in 1983 and reminisce on this fine Monday morning:

Yeah, that video used to scare the shit out of me as a kid.  And truth be told – the werewolf makeup effects used on Ozzy are ten times better than a lot of crap put out today.  So, isn’t your Monday a little better now that you were able to watch werewolf Ozzy Osbourne with some heavy metal guitars shredding in the background?  All is right with the world…..until next Monday.

Just Another Metal Monday: Our Last Enemy ‘10,000 Headless Horses’ Video

What better way to enjoy a Monday than with some face-melting Australian industrial metal from Our Last Enemy?  I can’t think of anything, unless we’re talking about a giant stack of pancakes with extra syrup, but I’ll take Our Last Enemy over that right now.


I recently stumbled upon their video for the song “10,000 Headless Horses” and was immediately sucked in due to the horror vibe that’s going on from the get-go.  Add to that, the intense ‘punch you in your f*cking face’ music and vocals and you have the perfect recipe to cure your Monday blues.  I’m just such a sucker for the metal and horror combo.  If you dig what you see below, look out for Our Last Enemy’s new album called Pariah on March 11th.  Jump over and support them on their Facebook page HERE as well!