Let’s All Watch The German Trailer For ‘Slugs’!

Hurry, everyone!  Grab a Pilsner, crank up the Rammstein, and put another sausage on the barbie!  Sorry, that joke was the wurst.  As was that one.  But yes, let’s get German!  Because I have quite possibly my favorite thing I’ve found in a while for you in this post.  And that is:  The German version of the trailer for the 1988 killer slug movie…..Slugs!  I did a post about the regular American version of the trailer like a sucker last year, but this one is far superior.  Just watch and listen, and try not giggle and have a fit when the voiceover guy says “Sluuuuugs!” (echo, echo, echo)

Ebay Find Of The Week: A Prop Slug From 1988’s ‘Slugs’

I’m finding so many random horror memorabilia gems on Ebay that I’m going to start making this a weekly feature now.  And just when you thought that a prop shark tooth from Jaws 3D could not be topped, along comes a prop slug from 1988’s cheesy gorefest, Slugs.


And how much is this slimy rubber sucker going for?  Only $75!  And it comes with a certificate of authenticity AND is guaranteed to have been used in the film.  To be honest, if it was $50 I might bite.  Btw, if you have seen Slugs, the slugs actually have teeth and bite.  Therefore, I had a somewhat clever pun in there.  But anyway, sadly for the seller there are no watchers yet, and only a little over a day left on the listing.  So if it’s been your dream to own a slug from Slugs, get over HERE and get it now!