Dirty Horror Memory Lane: ‘The Entity’ Atari Video Game

Ooooooh – I remember getting so excited as a 7-year-old boy when Atari would come out with different games with terrible graphics that at that time, amazed me to no end.  I even remember saving up Kool-Aid packets to send in so I could receive a limited edition Kool-Aid game!  Yes, I’m serious….that really happened.  Look it up.  But anyway, as a horror fan I was shocked to recently find out that there was an Atari game based on the 1982 supernatural flick, The Entity.

This is somewhat shocking for two reasons.  One:  as far as I know, The Entity didn’t do well at the box office.  Two:  if you’ve seen the movie, then you know that it pretty much centers around a ghost cock that stalks a woman. Yeah, a ghost cock.  Not exactly Atari friendly subject matter if you ask me. Then again, they did release Custer’s Revenge around the same time (look it up for some fun pics).  The Entity video game didn’t have any ghost cock involved, but it did involve a boring set up where you were supposed to get ‘The Entity’ to the highest place on the screen by knocking down walls.

Well, as much as I would love to try and get a Chinese star looking thing to the top of the screen while breaking down some walls, it just doesn’t do it for me. But who knows, it may have back then.  I did play the E.T. Atari game after all. Bottom line is that The Entity game never came out and remains in the Atari graveyard for now.  It could be resurrected one day if enough people start taking it to the streets and to social media demanding it.  Don’t count on it though unless that ghost cock makes an appearance.